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Photo Credits (HS#9 students): (l to r:) Harper Tassie; David Ruiz; Elizabeth Reyes-Garza; Gaby Mayorquin; Dominique Rocha

Course Description: AP Studio Art 2D Design– Photography Portfolio

This AP Studio Art 2D Design Photography class is for students seriously interested in the practical experience of photography. This program follows a national standard for performance. Each student develops a portfolio based on 2D design requirements that exhibits 12 Concentration pieces, 12 Breadth pieces, and 5 of the TOP Quality pieces of work. Course study is student specific.  The elements and principles of design are essential within each original piece. Students will be asked to evaluate and critique throughout the portfolio process. It is strongly suggested that students provide their own digital camera.

Students must submit the AP Portfolio in the spring. Course fee ($40) and examination fee ($85) due in the spring. Fee waivers will be available for qualifying students. Students will receive entire portfolio contents and score report in the mail in July.

Prerequisites: Digital Imaging 1 or Photography 1 and Teacher Approval: Grade Level: 10,11 & 12

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